Rebuilding from within

Ahh, February 2…the day when you open the mail and the Victoria’s Secret swimsuit catalog is there waiting to remind you of your already failed New Year’s resolution.  Why do women compare themselves to these perfectly airbrushed models and the idea of this unrealistic body image?  

The marketers at VS are geniuses. They definitely know what they are doing and they have us all hooked.  In fact women, more than men, oogle over the models in the catalogs.  They sell beauty and sex appeal; an unattainable image of perfection that we are to believe that if we buy their products we will somehow be transformed into a supermodel.  I have purchased countless objects on this very notion.  Needless to say, I am still your average girl. 

I use Victoria’s Secret as an example due to recently receiving the catalog in the mail, but it’s not just VS that causes women to feel bad about their bodies.  From the time we are young, we are overwhelmed with images of what is “beautiful” and “desirable”. I have dealt with my insecurities and feeling imperfect my whole life.  Now at 26 years old I have finally decided it is time to put a stop to my destructive way of thinking.

A good friend recently told me, “Self-esteem is one of  the most valuable gifts we can give ourselves”.  Self-esteem truly is something that comes from within and not from a number on a scale or a size on an article of clothing.  Although I originally set my New Year’s resolution as the same old “lose 10 pounds”, I think I am going to recreate it.  My new goal will be to create a healthy body image by developing healthy habits both physically and mentally , to stop comparing myself to women in magazines and to start loving me, for me.


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