The cleanse

A friend of mine recently began selling Arbonne products.  She speaks very highly about the products and has been asking me to host a party for her.  I am not one to ask friends of mine to attend a party where they may feel pressured into buying products they may or may not use, however, Arbonne does make a seven day detox that I became interested in.  I told my friend how I wanted to start being healthier with my eating habits, especially after the holiday sugar overload.  She recommended the detox to me to kickstart my healthy diet.  After researching it a little bit more, I decided to order the product and go for it.

Detoxes can actually be very good for your body.  Over time toxins can build up in your system causing a weakened immune system, fatigue, poor digestion, and breakouts in your skin.  A detox helps your body flush out and eliminate the buildup of those toxins, helping your body restore itself and work more efficiently.  The detox I decided to try is completely made up of all natural products and you don’t have to starve yourself while doing it (a big plus for me).  The key to the detox  is to cut sugars and caffeine from your diet and eat healthy, clean meals. 

Everything the detox promised to do for had me sold from the beginning.  However, a part of me always remains a little skeptical of these type of products.  I’ll let you all know how it goes and will report back throughout the week.  Wish me luck!


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