cleanse (cont.)

Four days into the cleanse……….

It is definitely not what I expected.   It has been a rough four days to say the least. I would suggest that you make sure you are aware of what you are in for if you decide to do a cleanse. Find out ahead of time how the specific cleanse you are doing will affect your body. I am just glad that it is a slow week with work and that I am able to work from home a little. I am doing really well on avoiding junk food and focusing on eating healthy.  However, I am constantly going to the bathroom! I’ve now gotten the pattern down that it gets worse as the day goes on and after eating.  I now know around an hour or two after eating a meal I better be close to a bathroom.  So………I’ve been homebound most of the week.

As far as the cleanse product itself, it doesn’t taste bad at all.  I bought the energy tablets also so they add flavor to the mix and help with my energy levels since I have given up coffee. I really have not missed the caffeine and my mind feels a lot more clear since I began the cleanse.  I usually feel foggy and I realize it’s probably due to the junk food I eat.  So all in all, besides going to the bathroom frequently, I feel pretty good.  Three more days to go and I’m hoping the results (mentally, physically, and weight) will be a success.  Results to come……..


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