cleanse (cont..)

Final day of the cleanse!  I am so surprised at how fast the week went by and shocked at the decrease in my cravings for junk food. My need for sweets throughout the day decreased tremendously.  Now I would be lying if I still do not think about having a cookie or piece of chocolate, but I honestly was ok without it this week.  Now for the really great news…………I LOST 4 POUNDS THIS WEEK!!!  I feel great about it and am proud that I stuck with the cleanse for all 7 days.  I am feeling a little anxious about going off the cleanse.  It has helped me focus on eating healthy and now I’m worried without it I might fall back into my old routine of eating junk.  Hopefully I can maintain my healthy habits because I really do feel great.  I may not even begin drinking coffee again!  Arbonne 7 day cleanse = SUCCESS!!


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