Look out Easter Bunny


I found this article titled, Backyard Bunnies Are the New Urban Chickens, on MSN’s website. This article basically says that rabbits should become the next big thing in American’s diets and replace chicken as a staple.  They are using the green movement and saying that raising and slaughtering bunnies are better for the environment than other animals.  This is true that it may take less feed and energy to raise rabbits, but that’s now.  Chickens, cows and pigs used to be more environmentally friendly as well until they became industrialized and began being massed produced.  Now the animals consumed by Americans are overstuffed with food, mainly corn, and pumped full of hormones and antibiotics in order to create larger animals at a younger age so they may be slaughtered and processed quicker.  So when you ingest a piece of chicken or steak you are not only getting the meat of that animal, but you are also ingesting the bacteria, hormones, antibiotics, and nasty food that animal consumed before being slaughtered. The article states that rabbits are also healthier than chicken and beef, but if the rabbit- eating craze does actually take off, don’t you think they will soon become commercially manufactured as well? They won’t be “healthy” for long and will soon be brutally treated, housed, and hormone-fed for consumers.

I find it repulsive that the picture in the article shows women standing around happy and laughing as they skin and murder the innocent, cute bunnies.  I also find it ironic that this article was published shortly before Easter…………..look out Easter Bunny 😦


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