Myth #4

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Myth: Vegans can’t get enough iron from their diet

Truth: When looking a the top ten iron rich foods, five of them are plant sources

Here is another comment I have heard a lot from vegan critics. I have heard that I need to be careful of iron deficiency, or anemia, because I won’t be able to get a sufficient amount of iron on a vegan diet and I’m also a woman so that puts me more at jeopardy. Anemia is the most common nutritional deficiency, but both vegans and meat eaters need to make sure they are getting the right iron rich foods in their diet. Most people think that iron comes from meat or animal products. In actuality, there are many plant sources that have loads of iron in them. Here is a list that I found on WebMD:

* Red meat
* Egg yolks
* Dark, leafy greens (spinach, collards)
* Dried fruit (prunes, raisins)
* Iron-enriched cereals and grains (check the labels)
* Mollusks (oysters, clams, scallops)
* Turkey or chicken giblets
* Beans, lentils, chick peas and soybeans
* Liver
* Artichokes

This is a list of ten iron rich food sources. Notice that half of the list is plant based! Imagine that…… 😉
The important thing is to include a variety of these sources in your daily food intake due to some sources having more iron than others. I also want to note that it has been found that Vitamin C enhances the absorption of iron so eating an iron rich food with a vitamin C rich food is best. On another note, Vitamin D decreases the absorption of iron so keep that in mind. Hopefully this settles the iron debate.

A great iron laden dish is “The Kind Diet’s” Sicilian Collard Greens with Pine Nuts and Raisins….Iron Galore!

Myth #4 = DEBUNKED!


3 thoughts on “Myth #4

  1. That’s too funny, I was just talking about this with someone the other day… I have a vitamin b12 deficiency, and low iron… And I was asked, “is it because you almost never eat meat?”, and I couldn’t help but laugh… When I had my blood tested, that was at a point where I WAS eating meat quite often… Such a silly myth!!

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