The Challenge: Week Two

Here’s the update for week #2 of The Challenge:

Max rep push ups in 1 minute = 26 push ups
18 in one set, then 4, then 4

I had a slight increase this week in my push ups, which I was glad to see. (Go here for my benchmark workout) They were still hard, but I pushed myself to at least be where I was last week and I ended up going past last week’s total! 🙂

My friend has been taking some time off from exercising this past week and will start again next as he continues his low carb, Paleo diet (stay tuned as I will discuss the Paleo diet in a post this weekend). As for me, I love being vegan. I eat super healthy and I don’t feel limited. I have found that I need grains in my diet. Every one is different, but I have dealt with digestive issues my whole life and since becoming vegan they have subsided. I attribute it to the increase in grains and veggies. Hello fiber! 😉

And speaking of VEGGIES………..

Look at my garden grow! The tomato plants are growing like crazy and I really need to get them staked so they continue to grow upright. Everything else is doing really well too, except for my poor cucumber plants 😦 I am not sure what happened to them, but they are not coming in as well as the tomatoes, bell peppers, and herbs. Maybe our last frost got to them? I’m still staying hopeful and keeping my fingers crossed for them though. (Here’s where it started)

Did you also notice the addition?

A wonderful family friend bought us this amazing fence to keep my garden safe from intruders………mainly my dog Cooper 😉 It works perfectly and we can now use our patio furniture again!

Its so safe now that the butterflies love it 🙂

I can’t wait for the veggies to start sprouting!

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