The Challenge: Week Three

It’s that time again…….another challenge update. Yesterday I completed the Chest and Back workout of P90X. The workout has 12 exercises that you complete twice. You’ll notice that my numbers were lower during round two because of fatigue. You’ll also notice that I did most of the push ups on my knees. This workout has you doing so many push ups and I am not strong enough yet to do them all the regular way. Hopefully I will get there someday, but for now I still get a great workout doing them on my knees. I am only going to list my push ups and not my back exercises because for the challenge I am basing my strength improvements on push ups. Also, I didn’t have a lot of luck with the back exercises yesterday…….my band broke! I was really needing a new one and I guess my current one was streched to its limit because it snapped while I was working out. Luckily not in my face or anything. Anyhow, here are my stats:

Standard push ups:
Round 1: 15 regular, 5 on knees
Round 2: 12 on knees

Military push ups:
Round 1: 15 on knees
Round 2: 12 on knees

Wide Fly push ups:
Round 1: 15 on knees
Round 2: 12 on knees

Decline push ups:
Round 1: 4 regular, 11 on knees
Round 2: 10 pike push ups ( I decided to modify this one to doing pike push ups instead of decline due to not being able to do the push ups with my feet propped up, but I still wanted to do a different push up than standard)

Diamond push ups:
Round 1: 5 regular, 8 on knees
Round 2: 12 on knees

Dive Bomber push ups:
Round 1: 12 modified (these are sooo hard!)
Round 2: 6 modified

All together I did 154 push ups during the hour workout! Let me tell you, I am feeling it today though. My arms are quite sore, but it’s a good sore. Just a little reminder of the great work I did yesterday 🙂


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