Oil Spill: How bad will it get?

Over the past six weeks the oil leak has seemed to only have gotten worse. It is estimated that somewhere between 21 million and 45 million gallons of oil have spilled out into the Gulf. That estimate is astounding enough, but the reality is that by the time this mess is over the numbers will be much higher than that. Right now BP’s next attempt to fix the leak is to use giant shears to cut the pipe and fit a cap that would seal off the leak. The risk with cutting the pipe is it could make the spill worse if it doesn’t work. After many attempts by BP to fix this problem and many failed attempts, there are many people who are encouraging nuking the spill. Using a nuclear bomb would create so much heat at the depths where the spill originates that it would seal it off. Seems like a simple and viable option at this point, however, the government says that using a nuclear bomb is not something they are even considering.

I am not sure how I feel about nuking the situation. I am just appalled that it has gotten this bad. Both humans and animal life are being affected greatly by this tragedy and it continues to worsen every day. Wildlife are dying at alarming rates and as the oil moves toward Florida this week, more animals will be in danger. Sea turtles, birds, pelicans, bluefin tuna, sperm whales and dolphins are some of the wildlife that is being affected by the oil and washing up dead on shores. Since the oil spill began there have been 29 stranded dolphins found! So this brings about my mixed feelings with nuking the spill. If they were to go that route, all of the wildlife left will be killed. However, if the spill continues, they might also all be completely wiped out. Catch 22 I suppose. Either way, even if they do fix the oil leak, it will take the sea years to cleanse itself. Not only that, but we are looking at a tremendous amount of natural gasses being released. The explosion released an enormous amount of methane, which when combined with air becomes the most dangerous greenhouse gas. So we all could be affected by this spill at some point.

What are your thoughts on the oil spill? Do you think there is another solution they aren’t seeing?


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