The Healing Touch

Yesterday morning was one of the better starts to a day. I woke up to the relaxing effects of a full body massage. I found a good deal on Groupon for a massage at Back to Health and couldn’t pass it up. I don’t get massages very often, but it’s something I wish I could do more. It’s so great to have all my built up tension, stress, and sore muscles soothed away by a great massage. I really give a lot of credit to the massage therapists in the world. They have the (probably sometimes unpleasant) task of rubbing people’s bodies for a living, but they are also helping people maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Not only do the therapists help people unwind, but massages are also used to help manage stress, anxiety, depression, pain, stiffness, blood pressure, sport-related injuries, and cancer treatment. We tend to think of a massage as a splurge on ourselves or a means of pampering. However, receiving massages on a regular basis has been shown to have cumulative health benefits and many physicians are recommending massages to their patients to supplement treatment for a number of diseases. The use of massage and its effects on circulation have been shown to help in the healing processes. People who frequently get massages have increased circulation, lower blood pressure, less stress, and increased body awareness.

I say the effects are “cumulative” because sometimes it does take getting massages on a regular basis to experience all the great health benefits. There is no set standard for how often a person should get a massage because it is looked at as alternative medicine or self care. However, it is recommended that once a month is a good start. In some cases, such as an injury, people may benefit from having a massage more often to promote healing or to reduce anxiety during a highly stressful time. I would love to be able to go once a month 🙂 Honestly, like many of you, I tend think about the expense. I am going to look for a place that offers package deals at a lower price. If I find any, I will be sure to let you all know! From working out to the daily stressors we all face, I think I am a person that would definitely benefit from regular massages. It’s amazing how good I feel from starting my day off with a full body massage. I had a good massage therapist too, which is very important. You definitely want to go to someone who is highly trained and knowledgeable in their field. The girl I went to today was just that. She pinpointed all my trigger spots and worked out all the knots in my neck and shoulders (where I tend to gather all my tension). I would definitely recommend going back to Back to Health, however I will still be looking for places with package massage deals. If anyone else if familiar with a place in the Columbus, OH area please feel free to add your recommendation to this post 🙂


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