Movie Marathons

It was a cloudy weekend in the Capital City, not to mention the tornado that I thought was blowing through my house Sunday morning! Yikes 😮 So, for Chris and I that meant one thing…….movie marathon weekend. When the weather outside isn’t very inviting, or if we just feel like having a lazy day, we turn to our movie collection. I have to say, Chris takes a lot of pride in our extensive movie collection 🙂 This may sound crazy to some, but I think between Saturday and Sunday we watched 5 movies! However, we did get out of the house for one of them. We decided we haven’t actually gone to see a movie in a long time so we took part of the marathon to the theater. Not being familiar with many of the movies that were showing, we decided on “Killers“. It features Katherine Heigl and Ashton Kutcher. This movie was so freakin’ hilarious. I find it best when you don’t know much about a movie and therefore you don’t have any expectations. I would definitely recommend seeing this flick. It was so good and had me laughing for most of the movie. I’ve always been a fan of Ashton. He’s witty, charming, adorable…..what’s not to like?? He definitely does not disappoint in “Killers” and his chemistry with Katherine Heigl works really well. I actually liked her more as an actress after seeing this. So, I won’t give you specifics because I don’t want to ruin the movie for you if you are planning on seeing it, but for my girl readers out there……shirtless Ashton…enough said. (Don’t worry guys, you get a innocent, shirtless glimpse of Katherine as well) 😉

What are your favorite things to do on a lazy weekend? Do you have favorite movies that you like to watch?


One thought on “Movie Marathons

  1. I like to watch sex and the city episodes(like whole seasons in a sitting) on rainy weekend days though I have yet to find a boy to join me through more than a few episodes.

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