11-year-old draws to save the Gulf

I heard an amazing story today that I had to share with all of you. Eleven year old Olivia Bouler has decided to help raise money to save the birds from the oil spill. Over 100 birds have been found dead and the numbers are rising every day. Olivia has such a passion for birds and she knew when the April 20th explosion occurred that the birds and wildlife would be in danger. She contacted the National Audubon Society and said she wanted to help by selling her drawings and giving the money to the wildlife conservation group. The National Audubon Society jumped on board to collaborate with Olivia and were the first to purchase one of her pictures. Olivia has now helped raise $80,000 for the birds in the Gulf!

I was so inspired by this talented 11-year-old! It is so great to see such a young girl putting her time and energy to helping a good cause. 🙂

Now if only the people in power can actually fix this mess……


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