The Challenge: Week Five

Wow, week five already? Where has the time gone? I hope this isn’t how fast summer is going to go by 😮
Ok so here’s my week five results. I did the chest, shoulders and triceps workout of P90X again. Here were my previous results with this workout. This week I saw a little improvement, but overall not a ton. I still see myself improving week by week though.

1) Slow Motion 3-in-1 push ups: Wide push ups completed on feet, Standard on feet, and close width push ups on knees + 5 bonus on feet
2) In & Out shoulder flys: 16 reps 5lb dumbbells
3) Chair dips: 15 reps
4) Pike Presses: 15 reps
5) Plange Push ups: 10 reps
6) Side Tri-rise: 15 each side
7) Floor flys: 8 reps on feet, 8 reps on knees
8 ) Scarecrows: 13 reps 5lb dumbbells
9) Two-twitch speed push ups: 4 on feet, 12 on knees
10) Side to side push ups: 10 reps on feet
11) Pour flys: 13 reps 5lb dumbbells
12) Lying tricep extension: 18 reps w/2 5lb dumbbells
13) Weighted circles: 36 reps 5lb dumbbells
14) Clap push ups: 13 reps on knees
15) One arm balance push ups: 10 reps
16) Fly-row presses: 12 reps 5lb dumbbells
17) Dumbbell cross-body blows: 50 reps 5lb dumbbells

So, minor improvements this week, but I feel any improvement is a good thing. I am going to have next week be the last week of the challenge. After week six, I will do a recap and analysis of working out on the vegan diet. Stay tuned….. 🙂 Happy Friday everyone!


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