Operation eat produce continued..

Happy Friday everyone! Doesn’t it seem like four day weeks last longer than a regular five day week?

So, I have finally finished off the vegan coleslaw and green bean and potato salad. They were great salads, but eating them a few days in a row is enough. Unfortunately I still had tons of veggies to be consumed before our trip. We leave bright and early tomorrow morning for South Carolina! I am so excited, but today will be a very busy day preparing and packing. Last night, I told Chris that we have to eat up the veggies. So I arrived home from work and immediately started chopping and dicing.

Into the pan everything went. Actually, I should say pans because this one pan was only the beginning. I ended up getting out another and using it for the overflow of veggies I had. I sauteed all of my veggies with olive oil, garlic, salt and pepper. The pans consisted of yellow squash, zucchini, carrots, red bell pepper, orange bell pepper and….

remember this guy? I have been eagerly waiting to eat this purple pepper as I haven’t ever seen one. It tasted similar to a green pepper I thought. A nice color addition to my array of veggies 🙂

Looking good veggies!

I decided that I would just leave them sauteed in the olive oil and garlic and let Chris pick his sauce or toppings. The veggies were great cooked as they were, but I ended up adding a little tomato sauce and vegan parmesan cheese to them. So filling and delicious!

So operation eat produce is going very well so far. I will be eating leftover sauteed veggies today and possibly trying to use up more of the cabbage head. It’s a monster! Stay tuned for what becomes of it… 😉

Also stay tuned for my vacation adventures! I will be posting recipes, things I’m eating in South Carolina and ways of staying active on vacation 🙂


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