Vacation Dayz

Hellooooo vacation, I have been waiting for you 🙂

This post is coming to you from South Carolina! Look at our pretty home for the week…

I love the southern style homes, they are so beautiful.

Every year we take a vacation with Chris’s family and it is so amazing. I was definitely needing a vacation too. One great thing about our vacations is everyone is required to cook dinner one of the nights. I look forward to this because, one, I love to cook and, two, it’s so fun to try out everyone’s meals. This year I decided to make everyone a vegan dish to introduce some new foods to the group. I made my quinoa timbales and they came out great. I think everyone was a little nervous when they heard it was going to be a vegan meal, but they all loved it. I served it with grilled corn on the cob and it was a completely healthy and delicious meal.

(poor picture, but great meal)

I also try to stay active when I can on vacations. Don’t get me wrong, I do plenty of relaxing, but I use physical activity to explore new cities. I try to run, walk, and take bike rides around the city. It’s a great way to stay active and also see the scenery. This morning Chris and I went on a 45 minute bike ride around Kiawah Island.

It has been a great start to the week. Stay tuned for more vacation adventures throughout the week 🙂


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