It’s a Southern Thang: Vacation Recap Part One

Vacations always go by way too quickly. Those seven days felt like two! I had really good intentions to write and give you all updates throughout the week, but the time just flew by and before I knew it, I was in Ohio again. So now that I have started to come out of my vacation mind and get back into the working/real world mind I will give you a recap of my fabulous week 🙂

Chris and I take a vacation every year with his family and this year it was to Kiawah, South Carolina. Kiawah is right outside Charleston, which is one of my favorite cities. The only downfall is the long drive. I am not a fan of being cooped up in a car for 10-12 hours. But we made it and it was well worth the drive.

Our house we rented for the week was absolutely gorgeous!

Ok, first up, some sights of Kiawah and Charleston. I love the houses and buildings in South Carolina. They are all so beautiful and have that southern look to them.

Outside the straw market. I look forward to this every time I go down to Charleston.

The Sanctuary was a gorgeous resort on the island. I would definitely recommend checking it out because it looked like an amazing place to stay.

Now a little fun 😀

Cooking dinner

These frogs are all around the shopping center in Kiawah. I love, love, love these! One of my goals in life is to own one of these 🙂

We walked out of the house one day and noticed we had a visitor 😉

Dinner at Bohicket Marina

The not so fun…(proceed with caution)

There are many of these signs around the island and I finally saw an alligator on our last day there!

These huge spiders are all over the place in South Carolina. Their webs were all around the outside of our house and garage. Spiders totally creep me out, especially ones that are the size of your hand! :O

Now that you have seen some of the sights, tomorrow I will do a recap of vacation purchases, beach reads, food, and being active. For now it’s time to summon motivation and get myself back into the swing of things in the “real world”. See you tomorrow! 🙂


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