Vacation Recap: Part Two

I hope you all have enjoyed the pictures and sights from my trip to South Carolina last week. I promise tomorrow I will be back on track with recipes and healthy tidbits. But today, I want to continue my vacation recap and let you in on the reading, eating, and exercising I did while away from home.

First up…..beach reads.

When picking books to take with me on vacation, I generally go for what some may call “trash novels”. While on vacation I don’t like to read really serious books….after all, isn’t a vacation meant for relaxing and having fun? So, for this trip I chose Chelsea Handler’s newest book, “Chelsea Chelsea Bang Bang”. I have read her two previous books and watch her show when I can. I find her hilarious. I’m usually laughing out loud when reading her books. They are so absurd, off-the-wall, and hysterically funny. I love them. This newest one wasn’t any different. It was a great book for the beach and kept me entertained for the week. If you are in need of a good laugh I would recommend reading any, or all, of Chelsea Handler’s books. I also purchased a book while on vacation that I can’t wait to read. It’s called “The Lost Girls” and sounds like a book I would be able to relate to. I will let you know more about it once I begin reading it.

Next….the food.
Vacations are usually a time when most people let themselves relax and indulge in foods they normally wouldn’t back home. I am all about relaxing and enjoying myself on vacations and with that means enjoying the local food of whatever city I am in. I never want to feel deprived on vacation, but being the health-conscious person I am, I don’t want to overdo the splurging either. So I generally try to find a happy medium. Most vacations we take during the summer involve renting a house somewhere, which is really beneficial for maintaining a somewhat healthy diet while away. I make sure to buy healthy options for breakfast and lunch and store them in the refrigerator. This way I can eat mostly healthy foods during the day while lounging at the beach or pool and feel better about splurging on dinner. Charleston and Kiawah, South Carolina have some really great restaurants and food options. Even though I have been a vegan for a while now, I was still looking forward to the wonderful seafood they have down there. I couldn’t pass up a trip to the Crab House for the best King Crab legs I have every had. Sorry to all my fellow vegans out there, but I dove into that dinner face first, cracked away at the shells, and didn’t look up until my plate was empty and my face covered in butter. Totally worth it 🙂

I did manage to keep to my vegan diet for a few of the dinners, however. Like I mentioned in a previous post, one of the fun things we do on vacation is take turns making dinner for the whole group. I always look forward to trying out everyone’s meals. I decided to make my quinoa timbales with grilled corn on the cob and let everyone try out a vegan dish. It went over really well and everyone was pleased to try something new!

One of the other meals, cooked by Chris’s brother and his friend, were grilled kabobs and salad. They were so nice and prepared me veggie kabobs, which were amazing. It was a very filling and delicious dinner! (I ate them before I realized I forgot to photograph them)
We also tried out a restaurant in Charleston called 82 Queen. They had a vegan option on the menu so I was very excited. The meal consisted of a grilled portabella mushroom, with heirloom tomatoes, tempura fried green beans, alfalfa sprouts, and basil marinara. It was outstanding and I would definitely recommend this place.

As for the rest of the dinners while on vacation, they generally consisted of some form of seafood. I was hesitant about straying from my vegan lifestyle, but in the end it was worth it. All the food was amazing and the vacation was incredible. I also made a really cute purchase and bought these measuring spoons! I can’t wait to try them out! They are silver and are each imprinted with a flower and have a butterfly at the top of the handle.

Lastly…. the exercise.
Now that I told you about my splurges with my meals, which I should add that dessert was consumed on most nights as well, I will tell you about how I balanced it out with exercise. I always look forward to exercising while on vacation. I know that sounds weird to many of you, but generally it’s a way for me to break out of an exercise rut and try something new. Or just do the same thing (i.e. running) in a new place. As much as I like to sit and relax, I am the type of person that can only sit still for so long. I loved reading and lounging by the pool or on the beach, but after so long I just need to move! I also like to sight see on foot. It’s so much better than driving around a new city or town. You get a more intimate experience and it’s a great way to meet some of the local people and learn the lay of the land. I also like to try to do something active every day while on vacation because the daily indulges in food, alcohol or whatever, can really begin to add up throughout the week. So I balance it with exercise. So here is my breakdown of physical activity throughout the 7 days:
Saturday = yoga before the long car ride to SC
Sunday = 45 minute run/walk around Kiawah, swim
Monday = 45 minute bike ride around Kiawah, swim
Tuesday = 45 minute run/walk, swim
Wednesday = 20 minute bike ride, pool basketball
Thursday = 1 hour run/walk
Friday = 45 minute walk on the beach, swim/pool basketball

Ok, hopefully I didn’t bore you too much with my vacation recap. Tomorrow it’s back to more of my usual content. I have a great recipe to share so stay tuned. See you tomorrow 🙂


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