Do you know your happy weight?

I recently came across an article in Self that gave a formula for finding your “happy weight”. I found this interesting because many times, the weight we think we are happy at and our body’s natural happy weight are two entirely different things. More times than not, women are striving to attain a weight that is too low for their body structure. Many factors are taken into consideration when figuring out your natural happy weight. Height, frame size, muscle mass, age, and if you have had children are all items that need to be considered when working towards a goal weight. offers a quick plug in formula that will calculate your body’s happy weight for you. If you are struggling to try to reach a certain number on the scale or have gained some weight, I would recommend using this formula as a guideline in your dieting. You may realize that you are already at a happy and healthy weight for your body type. If not, it’s a good starting point to setting goals. Maybe you’ll find you don’t have as much weight to lose as you thought. The important thing to remember is to not get too caught up on a number. I have done this many times in the past and it has only led to me feeling defeated if I cannot reach it. Honestly, it’s about how you feel. Are you healthy? Do you exercise and eat right? Do you lack energy? Take time to listen to your body and note how you feel.

Follow the following link to use the simple formula created by Self to discover your happy weight 🙂


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