A Lovely Sun-Day

Ahhh…. Finally a Sunday where I can just relax and soak up the sunny August weather. (August already??!!)

This morning I was actually excited that I awoke naturally at 8am. This would never happen during the week, but today I was happy to have the entire day to do whatever I wanted and not worry about any plans or schedules. I decided to start my day with a hike! I have been wanting to get out and hike at some new places on the weekends, but there just hasn’t been the time. So this morning I packed a small bag with water, my cell phone, camera, and Cooper’s water bowl and we headed out to Highbanks Metro Parks. I have heard they have some pretty good trails there and I have been eager to check them out. When I arrived at the park I realized that I should have done a little research on the place. It turns out they do have some great trails, but unfortunately I was restricted to only one trail that allowed pets 😦 I was totally bummed, because as I started walking along the pet-friendly path I found it was not the trail hike I was hoping for. I was really looking forward to getting out on a nature walk, but also for a leg burning workout. The dog path was partly on a trail and the rest of it was a mowed down path around a large field. Very disappointing. I guess I will have to go back sometime without Cooper and experience the other trails or find other locations that allow pets. I’d rather go with him though, he’s a great hiking companion 🙂

It ended up being a pretty good three mile walk and it was so gorgeous outside this morning that I didn’t end up caring about the whole trail restriction debacle. It just felt good to be outside enjoying the day 🙂

Have a great Sunday everyone and happy August! I’m off to relax outside and catch up on some reading 🙂


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