Garden pests

We have a problem. My garden has been infested and it’s not pretty. After looking into it further to find out what these obnoxious, destructable creatures were, I discovered they are aphids. Aphids are sneaky little insects that usually take up residence on the undersides of the plant leaves. Then before you know it, they have multiplied and have taken over your plants, destroying your produce. This is what I’m dealing with right now. My tomatoes are in serious danger! 😮

I have been digging around like crazy to find out how to save my plants. I wanted to share my findings with all of you incase anyone else is having aphid troubles. Here are some tips I found to get rid of these pests:

1. Check your garden regularly to catch them early. Apids can multiply very fast and destroy your plants within a few days. Look on twists of plant vines and the underneath of leaves.

2. Don’t over fertilize yor plants. Aphids are attracted to new growth in frequently fertilized plants. Stick with slow release fertilizers if possible.

3. Blast them with water. Spraying your plants with water will help dislodge them from your plants.

4. Prune the infested areas. This will not cure the problem, but it will help slow their takeover. Snip and remove highly infested areas of your plants.

5. Introduce new bugs to the situation. Ladybugs and lacewigs feed on aphids so introducing some of these insects will help rid your garden of aphid infestation.

6. Make your own insecticide. Making your own insecticide is so easy. Simply mix 2 teaspoons of laundry or dish soap with luke warm water. Spraying your plants with this concoction destroys the waxy coating on the aphids causing dehydration. Another option is mixing three parts luke warm water to one part vegetable oil and a couple drops of laundry or dish soap. This mixture has also been shown to be very effective, however, it is not to be used during the day because the oil will reflect the sunlight and cause more damage to your plants.

I hope this helps anyone else having similar problems. I have the mixture ready to go and will spray down my garden tonight when the sun goes down. Hopefully I can save my poor plants, they have been doing so well until now. Wish me luck!


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