Pet people are happy people

Who knew your furry pet offered more to your life than just a friendly companion? Extensive research has been done on the effects a pet has on the health of its owner. What they found was that pet people were in fact, happier, and healhier, people.

It’s well-known that dogs give you unconditional love, a shoulder to cry on, and as long as you scratch their bellies once in a while, they will never leave your side. However, did you know that due to that companionship their presence could be adding years to your life? It has been shown that people who own pets and the act of petting an animal will lower your stress levels, blood pressure, and keep you from feeling lonely. In fact, pet owners who suffered from a heart attack were likely to have five times the survival rate of those patients who weren’t pet owners.

Lonliness is a big factor in health conditions for many people, especially the elderly. Pet owners have been shown to be happier, feel less stressed, and feel more content with their lives. Cats or dogs can offer friendship to a person who may be living alone. People who have a pet in their home are also known to be able to adapt and deal with life changes or loss better than those without a furry companion.

It’s amazing how great having a pet can be. Whether you’re a dog person or a cat person, thank your pet for being so loving, kind and selfless. Aside from preventing lonliness, lowering blood pressure, and increasing relaxation, pets can provide other health benefits as well. Research has also shown that pets contribute to:

-Reduced likeliness of allergies in children- Children who are raised in a home with pets are less likely to develop allergies or asthma. Being exposed to dirt and allergens from a young age makes you less susceptible to becoming allergic.
-Increased opportunites for exercise
-Being more relaxed and more sociable – many people who own pets are more likely to be sociable and will make eye contact or stop and talk to other pet owners when out for a walk. Dog owners also often get together for plays in a nearby park or set up play dates 🙂
– Lessening the effects of aAlzheimer’s and anxious outbursts that come with the condition

So if you have been considering getting a pet, the cards seem to be in your favor for owning one as far as your health goes. If you decide to get a dog or cat, I would encourage you to go to your local shelter or Humane Society and look there first. There are so many pets in need of homes! I honestly believe I got the best dog in the world from our local shelter (but I’m a little biased 😉 ) And if you have not considered getting a pet then maybe think again. Dogs may not be just man’s best friend.

Here’s Cooper in his new life jacket ready to play (more details on that to come..)

Playing in the backyard

Looking innocent with a wet nose 🙂


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