Happily Ever After?

Saturday evening graced me with the opportunity to celebrate the epitome of true love. The whole family gathered to honor my grandparents as they celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary. Many toasts were given, speeches were read and tears were shed.

As I sat there listening to my grandfather speak about the love he had for my grandmother and the pride he had in his family I couldn’t help but let a few tears flow from my eyes. It was so amazing to see two people so deeply in love still after all those years together. I am so proud to come from such an amazing family.

However, I found myself silently crying for more reasons than just pride and joy. Watching this monumental event take place made me realize that the institution of marriage isn’t what it used to be. How can one be hopeful of “happily ever after” when over half of all marriages end in divorce? How did marriage go from “till death do us part” to “till something better comes along”? Marriage used to be a sacred pact between two people and now it has become something people do and figure if it doesn’t work out then there’s always a way out. Call me old fashioned, but I want the “for better or worse”, 50th anniversary, grow old together partnership.

I know I may be sounding cynical about the idea of marriage, but being 27-years-old (and feeling the pressure to get married and start a family before I’m 30) has me thinking. Are we supposed stick by the theory that love conquers all? Because in reality….it many times doesn’t.

I do, however, want to thank my grandparents though for giving me a glimmer of hope. Hope that maybe there is still a chance for everlasting love. Hope that marriage can be way for two people to say, “I’ll love you forever”.


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