Clean Eating Day THREE

Today was busy, busy, busy. I had meetings this morning, errands to run and things going on all day. So don’t hate me if today’s meals lacked some personality. I promise I will try to add some variety in the next couple of days.

Breakfast was what’s beginning to be my usual this week. It consisted of my original green smoothie and an energy bar (Trebar) as I ran out the door. I also realized drinking my smoothie on the go could be a great conversation starter with some people. (I got some strange looks from my green concoction)

1 scoop Amazing Grass Wheat Grass, 1 frozen banana, grated ginger, aloe vera, 1/2 cup spinach, 1 cup hemp milk, ice. Simple and fantastic 🙂

Lunch was also an on-the-go meal. I was out running errands and decided that Whole Foods sounded like an excellent idea for lunch. I knew I would have my pick of tons of healthy meal options. So, Chris met me and we enjoyed our lunch outside. (Is everyone else having amazing weather right now?? I am loving the brisk mornings and 75 degree days! ) The choices were overwhelming, but I finally decided on grilled sesame tofu (from their new tofu bar!!) with their wheatberry salad and curry kamut. It all was so good! It was a nice light lunch, but super filling. I was hesitant on the tofu at first because tofu can many times be very bland, but their grilled sesame tofu was just the opposite in fact. It had so much flavor and was delicious. I feel you can’t go wrong with Whole Foods. Chris had two slices of pizza and loved them both 🙂

Whole Foods for lunch!

Grilled Sesame Tofu with Wheatberry Salad and Curry Kamut

Between 3-4pm I am always ready for a snack. Today I went with Mary’s Gone Crackers and some hummus. I seriously can’t get enough of hummus. I go through withdrawal if I go a couple days without it. These crackers went really well with the hummus too! They are nice and crunchy and made from very simple ingredients 🙂

Mary's Gone Crackers

By the time dinner rolled around, I found myself at a stand off with the fridge, wondering who was going to make the first move towards making dinner. Finally, I knew it had to be me so I grabbed some ingredients and started cooking. With no real meal in mind, I let the ingredients I had on hand inspire me. So, here’s what transpired….

De frijol negro y maíz quesadilla 😉 (Black bean and corn quesadilla!)

Red and Green Peppers, Corn and Black Beans for Quesadilla

Black bean and corn quesadilla

Look at that quesadilla goodness!

Workouts today included a 2 mile walk with Cooper, Jillian Michael’s 30 day shred, and pilates. Not a bad little day 😉

See you all tomorrow!


3 thoughts on “Clean Eating Day THREE

  1. I LOVE Jillian Michaels! She always inspires me to keep going. Have you ever done her Last Chance Workout? I highly recommend it 🙂 All this clean eating is making me want to eat healthier!

    • I’ve never tried that workout, I’ll have to check it out. Her 30-day shred ones are only 20 minutes, but they kick my BUTT!!

      The healthy eating is my attempt at cleansing my system a little bit prior to my brother’s wedding next weekend. I have a bridesmaid dress to fit into!

  2. Hi! I just wanted to say thanks for commenting on This Dish Is Veg! If you ever want to contribute recipes or blog posts, please feel free to contact me. 🙂

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