Clean Eating Day SIX

Alum Creek

So the weekend may have brought about some deviances from the clean eating, but it was still relatively healthy. We took full advantage of the beautiful weather, knowing that it’s not going to last forever, and went down to Alum Creek to rent a boat and spend some time out on the water. So after my run this morning I grabbed my typical green smoothie/energy bar breakfast and packed up the cooler and beach towels to hit the road. Remember this picture I showed you before?

We bought Cooper a life vest so today we finally took him out to try it out! I know what you are thinking…a life vest….for a dog?? Well, it turns out that Cooper is not your typical water-loving dog. In fact we found out that he can’t really swim. He’s fine in the water if he can stand and walk around, but as soon as he gets into deep water he panics and gives up on the whole doggy paddle thing. So, instead of sending Chris in to pull him out all the time, we decided to try out a dog life vest.

He was very excited on the boat…

Cooper with his new life vest

But even with the life vest on, he still panicked in the water. Needless to say, he stayed in the boat the rest of the time. Poor puppy…

Such a fun and relaxing day 🙂 However, the next thing we knew it was 3:30pm and we never had lunch! So our starving bellies had us stop at Easy Street Cafe on the way home for some gyros. Chris ordered the Cajun Chicken gyro and I had the veggie gyro with hummus. We scarfed them so fast and ended up fed, happy and content 🙂

Veggie gyro with hummus from Easy Street

Since we had such a late lunch, it sort of became dinner. I wasn’t feeling very hungry later on for a whole other meal so I ended up just have a snack of an apple with cinnamon and almond butter and a few pretzels. Such a good combo!

Apple with a sprinkle of cinnamon and a drizzle of almond butter 🙂

Workouts today were a 3 mile run ( I have started to up my mileage a little in my Frees!) and swimming at Alum Creek!

I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend and had great weather like we had here in Columbus 🙂 I’m off to relax with a movie then bed. Night all!


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