More Amazing Grass!

I hope you are enjoying the reviews of my Amazing Grass tastings, because I still have many more to go šŸ™‚

For today’s drink I went with the Berry Green Superfood mix. I have to say, I was a little skeptical at first because I didn’t care for the taste of the Berry Green Superfood Energy Bar so I was expecting a similar response to the drink. However, I am so glad I tried this one. It was delicious. One might even say it was berry delicious šŸ˜‰ (ok, I’m a nerd)

Amazing Grass Berry Green Superfood

I tried it mixed up my usual way with milk (I used hemp milk today) and ice, but I could see it being really good just mixed with water. The taste was fruity and earthy with a hint of tartness. I tried it blended with milk and ice and then decided to add in a frozen banana to the mix. This made it possibly one of my favorite drinks. It was light, refreshing and the berry/banana combo was incredible. I will definitely purchase this flavor for later use.

Compared to the Amazing Meal, the Green Superfood blends are only 30 calories per serving, but are packed with the antioxidant power of 7 servings of fruits and vegetables! The blend of alkalizing greens, whole food fruits and vegetables (the berry variety is infused with goji berries and acai), immune boosting herbs, and probiotics gives this drink an energizing punch. This worked really well blended up into a smoothie for breakfast, but I could also see this working really well as a quick energizing drink in the afternoon. Check out the Amazing Grass website for more information on the benefits of all the wonderful ingredients.

I also had the chance to try out another of the Green Superfood Energy Bars yesterday. Again, a little skeptical because of the unpleasant reaction to the Berry flavor. I decided to try the Chocolate Energy Bar next. I figured you can’t go wrong with chocolate. The first bite left me with the memory of the taste of the Berry bar. However, after the second bite I realized this one was actually really good. The inside taste and texture were similar to the Berry variety, but the bar was coated in a delicious chocolate. And…I mean….chocolate pretty much makes everything better šŸ™‚ Honestly this bar was really good, and filling too. I ate it as an afternoon snack and it provided me with the much needed energy to go about the rest of my day and held me over until dinner. The power behind the bar comes from the Green Superfood drink powder blended with fruits, vegetables, nuts, and seeds. So energizing and good for you and, of course, they are always raw, vegan, and gluten free.

Green Superfood Chocolate Energy Bar

Bad picture, but when you bite into the bar you can see the green superfood goodness

I am loving trying out all the varieties of Amazing Grass. I can’t wait to claim my favorite flavor at the end of the week. I have a feeling it is going to be a very tough decision…


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