More Amazing Grass!

Yesterday I decided not to post about an Amazing Grass product because, well, I didn’t have the best experience with it. So today I bring you a good and a not so good review of Amazing Grass.

I decided to try the Amazing Meal Pomegranate Mango for breakfast yesterday, and although the pomegranate mango combination sounded really good, it, unfortunately, wasn’t. I decided to keep it simple and only blend the powdered mix with hemp milk and ice. I figured since the Amazing Meal variety is 110 calories and packed with tons of fruits, vegetables, and greens, then I shouldn’t have to add anything to it like I do with the plain wheat grass. I must have been wrong, because this flavor did not taste good on it’s own. For some reason it didn’t blend well like the other kinds. It stayed pretty gritty and the taste just wasn’t there. It was a little too earthy for my liking and the pomegranate mango flavor didn’t show through for me. I expected it to be light and refreshing, similar to the Berry Superfood, but it definitely was not. Now, this is just my opinion and others may have different experiences with this flavor, but needless to say I could not drink this one. Sadly, it ended up down my drain 😦 I would recommend if you are going to try this one, then add a banana or other fruit to it and blend it into a smoothie.

Amazing Meal Pomegranate Mango

Disappointing Pomegranate Mango drink

On a more positive note, I tried out two other Green Superfood Energy Bars yesterday. I decided to eat half of each for an afternoon snack. The bars I had left to try were the Peanut Butter Chocolate and the Original flavor. I will start out by saying that the Original was not enjoyable for me. Similar to the Berry variety, however less fruity, it was very “green” if that explains it at all. I guess it is called “Green Superfood”, but I just didn’t enjoy the taste of it. These bars are so healthy and packed with powerful nutrients, but the flavors didn’t mesh well for me. However, the Peanut Butter Chocolate on the other hand was really pretty good. I’ve come to the conclusion that in order to eat these bars I need chocolate on them. The Peanut Butter Chocolate is coated in chocolate as well and has a strong peanut butter taste, which helps to hide the “green” flavor of the actual bar. So my recommendation for buying these bars would be to start with the Chocolate (my favorite) and the Peanut Butter Chocolate unless, of course, you like the taste of bitter greens.

Chocolate Peanut Butter Green Superfood Energy Bar = GOOD 🙂

Whole Food Original Green Superfood Energy Bar = NOT SO GOOD 😦

When I woke up this morning I found myself at a crossroads due to my disappointment with yesterday’s breakfast drink. I didn’t want to have another bad experience, but I wanted to try out another new flavor. So, I decided to dive into the Lemon Lime flavored Green Superfood drink. This kind claims to have a high energy infusion as it has matcha and yerba mate in the mix and is the only drink that contains caffeine.

Green Superfood Energy Drink

I opened the package and immediately smelled the lemon-lime flavoring. I figured, this one smells like it would be good on it’s own. As an energy drink I thought I would take the plunge and just mix it with plain, cold water. I’ve never mixed an Amazing Grass powder with just water so I was a little hesitant, however, I have heard of others doing it. So, I figured this one was the one to try it with. I poured the powder into my blender bottle, added cold water and an ice cube, and shook it up until it was well blended.

Lemon Lime Energy Drink + Water, shaken not stirred 😉

The looks of the mix with water is not very inviting, but I took a deep breath and took a sip. Surprisingly, it wasn’t that bad. In fact, it was actually pretty good. The lemon-lime was definitely detectable and added to the refreshing quality of this energy drink. I’m glad I chose to just combine the mix with water because I think blending it with milk or other ingredients would take away from it’s quality. I could definitely see myself having my normal Amazing Grass smoothie in the morning, but then possibly having the Green Superfood Energy drink in the afternoon when I hit my 3:00pm slump. Although, if you are trying to give up coffee or soda, this would be a great alternative as it contains a natural, plant-based energy boost.

Stay tuned for a review of the Kids Superfood tasting this weekend! Happy Friday everyone 😀


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