Take advantage of Fall weather and exercise!

With fall rapidly approaching, kids back in school, and shorter days, the thought of fitting in a workout can be somewhat stressful. Relax, breathe deep, and step away from the couch. Fall is one of the best times to take advantage of great exercise opportunities. The great thing is, many of these activities are calorie-burning wonders and you don’t have to step foot into the gym!

First off, Fall may offer a time-crunched schedule, but it also offers cooler weather, beautiful scenery and the thought of pumpkins and apple cider. The days of sweating as soon as you walk out the door are over so take advantage of the cooler weather and head outside for some exercise!

Here are some ideas to get moving this season:

*Go for walks around the neighborhood or at a nearby park. Enjoy the beautiful colors that Fall offers.
*Running – coming from a runner, this is the perfect weather to get out for a nice run. I love to get out first thing in the morning and enjoy the crisp air.
*Get in the spirit of football season and call some friends for a game of flag football in the park (could also play soccer, basketball, or other sports)
*Cleaning – just like Spring cleaning, but in Fall! Deep cleaning your house can torch a lot more calories than you might think
*Rake leaves – I know this sounds like work and not play, but it’s a great way to burn calories if you don’t have time for a workout. In fact, raking leaves for one hour burns 276 calories!! (based on a 135 lb person)
*Look up nearby trails and go on a hike with some friends. Hiking trails burns more calories than walking on flat surfaces and it’s a great leg toner!

Here are some great sites that offer calorie calculators to get an estimate on how many calories you will burn during a specific exercise.

So call a friend or take your whole family and get out there and move! 😀

Question: What are some of your favorite Fall activities?


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