Living Beautifully

Many of you have probably heard of Caitlin Boyle by now. She’s the creator of Operation Beautiful and a truly inspiring young woman. Caitlin’s purpose of starting the Operation Beautiful mission was to help transform the way girls, women, and men see themselves and to end negative self-talk, one post-it note at a time. Leaving herself a positive post-it note on the bathroom mirror one day, turned into people all over the world following in her footsteps and spreading the message.

I cannot say enough how inspired I was when first hearing of Caitlin’s story and have even left a few Operation Beautiful notes of my own. It’s a good feeling to walk away knowing that someone will see the message you left. Hopefully they will see the message and be uplifted by it. With the pressure of the media and society to be and look a certain way, it’s no wonder that so many young girls suffer from poor body image. Below is a video about the Operation Beautiful mission. Visit the site to learn more about Caitlin and read stories of notes people have found and left.

Attaining perfection is accepting our imperfections. You are all beautiful just the way you are 😀

Enjoy your weekend everyone!


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