Game Day Fun :)


That’s right everyone, it’s game day again. Today I will be watching the Ohio State game from the comfort of my home with a few friends. It’s funny how I have lived in Ohio my whole life, but wasn’t always an OSU fan (at least not like those who live in Columbus or went to the school). Once I moved to the land of the Buckeyes it was a whole new world for me. I was lucky to have Chris who is from Columbus to initiate me into all that is OSU. Before I would watch the game if I could, but if something else was going on I was up for that too. Now I have come to live and breathe Buckeye football on Saturdays and give people the look that every other Columbus native gives when someone asks to do something other than watch the game (Dude, really??). To say we are Buckeye fans here in Columbus, OH is an understatement. To give you an idea of what I have become since living in Columbus, I will provide you with a few photos…

Buckeyes surrounding my vase of birthday flowers

Buckeye necklace hanging on our basement door

Buckeye cookie jar on top of our cupboards

OSU mugs

OSU soap dispenser

OSU blanket

and of course, me in my jersey 🙂

See what I’m dealing with?? It’s crazy! But I love it 🙂

Have a great weekend and GO BUCKS!

One thought on “Game Day Fun :)

  1. I’m an OSU grad but I’m the antithesis of a standard fan here. Football bores me. I only really enjoy the social aspect of Buckeye games and the mad energy from the fans. If we lose, I don’t want to hurl myself off a cliff 🙂

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