Back to the oats

I have been enjoying my green smoothies and cold cereals for so long now that I really haven’t been craving oats….until today that it is. Even though it ended up at 75F today, this morning was chilly and I was wanting hot oats. This hasn’t happened it quite some time so I went with it. Plus, I figured it’s good to break out of the ordinary every once in a while. I was glad I did because I forgot out warm, comforting, and delicious they are on cold mornings. I can tell I am going to be bringing these back into the mix as the weather gets even cooler.

oatmeal with blueberries, peanut butter and agave

Oatmeal for breakfast comes with a lot of health benefits as well. Now, before I continue I want to clarify that I’m not talking about the variety packets of oatmeal that are loaded with sugar. I’m referring to good old, whole oats.
Here’s a list of the good that comes in a bowl of oatmeal:

*Low in fat
*High in fiber
*Helps reduce cholesterol and lowers your risk of heart disease (the soluble fiber in oatmeal helps remove the LDL (bad) cholesterol from your body while maintaining the good cholesterol your body needs)
*Can help control your weight (slows down your digestion, helping you feel fuller longer)
*Soluble fiber helps control blood glucose levels (may help reduce the risk of Type 2 Diabetes)
*Provides vitamins and minerals and is a good source of protein, complex carbohydrates, and iron
*Fiber and other nutrients in oatmeal help reduce your risk of certain cancers
*Oatmeal is so versatile! ( The add-ins are almost endless. Think, berries, apples, peaches, bananas, nut butters, jams, nuts, cinnamon, pumpkin, non-dairy milk, etc)

Dinner tonight was a quick and easy dinner tonight due to being busy and not having much time to prepare a meal. A few shopping trips ago, I bought a packet of seasoned chickpeas from Trader Joe’s. I keep forgetting about them so I was excited to finally try them out tonight.

Trader Joe's Cumin and Chili Chickpeas

These chickpeas were really good. At first bite I really wasn’t sure, but then I started to really get into them. The cumin and chili really stood out and over powered the ginger and garlic seasonings, but you do get a little taste of ginger at the end. I think I would buy these again. They are so healthy and full of protein (11g) and fiber (12g)! A lot of bang for you buck with these little guys ๐Ÿ™‚

Goodnight all! I’m off to relax and catch up on some TV ๐Ÿ™‚


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