A trip to Market District

I’m not sure if any of you have a Market District store in your area or not, but we just had one open here in Columbus, OH. I think they may have only been in Pittsburgh until now. So when I received a flyer in the mail about the opening, I immediately had to go check it out. I am a grocery store junky, especially ones that claim to have everything you could ever imagine in it!

Okay, I admit, I went to the opening of the store for more than to check out the exotic foods they carry (think alligator, eek!). Actually I really wanted to see Adam Richman from Man vs. Food! He was going to be there doing cooking demos! However, I clearly underestimated how many people would be going to this opening event. The.place.was.packed. It was insane how huge this store was and how crowded it still was in there. So, needless to say, I didn’t get to meet Adam or get my picture taken with him like I had hoped, but as I stood on my tippy toes behind a crowd, I did get a picture of him on the kitchen demo set.

Adam Richman from Man vs. Food doing a cooking demo

Hmm…I guess there are a few other foodies like me out there. I never thought a grocery store opening would be so crazy!

As far as the store goes, I didn’t get as good of a feel for it as I had hoped due to the crowds (it was madness people). I did walk around a little to check out some of the areas, but honestly I probably only covered 1/4 of the ginormous store. From what I saw though it was amazing. They have whole sections of the store dedicated to things like coffee, a bakery (the breads looked and smelled phenomenal), chocolate, a restaurant with upstairs seating, a wellness area, and a section that I am very excited about….

Nut Butters! They have a whole area where you can grind and make your own nut butters!! How awesome is that??

The rest of the store had all the typical meat, produce, seafood sections. However, in their produce section they had a guy doing vegetable and fruit sculptures. This guy was incredible. While I was there he was turning a butternut squash into two swans. Amazing!


It was kind of like a Whole Foods, but much bigger. I can’t wait to go back another time to fully experience everything it has. If you can’t tell I am a little excited about this place 😉


3 thoughts on “A trip to Market District

  1. I can’t wait to check the store out, although it’s WAY out of my way. I never have any reason to be in that area. The location is great to help revitalize that area (I’ll be parking is going to be nuts), but it does seem like an odd choice. We still have plenty of space up here at Polaris…build here!

    • I completely agree about it being out of the way. It will probably have to be special circumstances for me to go shopping at the store. I wish it was closer because the store was pretty cool.

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