Bottling up Fall

I would not mind if it could be Fall all year round. I want to bottle up the weather and keep it for the cold days that are to come. Cooper and I have been taking full advantage of this wonderful weather and making many visits to the park. Many days it is our exercise of choice to go on long walks and soak up the Fall sunshine and beautiful colors!

Cooper loves it because he doesn’t get tired as fast now that the heat has subsided. I think even more he loves that the park is full of leaves to run and play in 😉 I know people sort of dread the leaves falling because that means lots of raking, but I wouldn’t mind if we had a few trees in our backyard that would let a few piles fall to the ground. It’s fun to run around and act like a kid again 🙂

Naturally, on our latest walk, a photo shoot ensued…

How could you not love being outdoors right now?? Go out and explore your city 🙂


One thought on “Bottling up Fall

  1. I don’t know what fall is, but my Mom said that’s what’s going on right now. All those leaves falling are fun!! You look like you like it too.

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