Food Poisoning

Sorry I have been MIA for a couple of days, but, unfortunately, I have been recovering from a bout of food poisoning. I’m not sure what the culprit is, if it was the portabella sandwich I had for lunch or the leftover bruschetta I had with dinner last night. Either way, I ended up being hit with the horrible event last night. Let’s just say I spent a lot of time with this guy last night….

And when I told Chris that I was going to sit down and throw up a quick blog post he laughed and said “nice choice of words in your circumstance”. Anyway, it made me laugh, which is hard to do when you are feeling like you are going to die.

Now that I have completely grossed you out with this post I will talk about my day of recovery. After not sleeping at all last night I decided to get out of bed at 8:30am this morning and try to manage some water. Dehydration is a big concern when you are sick and it is important to try to replenish your fluids as soon as you feel up to it. So even though I didn’t feel 100% this morning, I forced myself to sip on some water. Another option could have been diluted Gatorade. I recommend diluting it because the high sugar content in many sports drinks can upset your stomach even more. Once you are able to keep some water down, gradually try to get some food in your system. Until you know you can stomach food, I recommend keeping to very bland, brown or white foods. Examples include saltines, toast, plain pasta or non-sugary cereals. Around 11:30am I finally decided I was ready to try food so I slowly snacked on some dry cereal. I found that this actually helped my nausea I had been experiencing this morning. I was lacking nutrients and dehydrated, which was leading to increased nausea. After the cereal I rested and let that sit for a few hours before moving on to other foods. My stomach has still been a little uneasy throughout the day today so this is what dinner looks like when you are recovering from food poisoning…

A bowl of brown rice with a little Earth Balance, paired with a banana. Exciting right? Hopefully that will be the least exciting meal you ever see me post on this blog.

No one ever anticipates getting food poisoning, so after going through such a horrible experience, I wanted to share my tips for recovering from food poisoning.

*Rest – your body will need a day or two to recover depending on the severity. Make sure to get plenty of sleep.
*Fluids – Dehydration can only make your situation worse and cause other problems so make sure to try to take in plenty of clear fluids.
*Stick to brown or white foods – breads, plain pasta, rice, saltine crackers, etc are all things that are easy on your stomach

Seek medical treatment if:
*Nausea, vomiting, or diarrhea lasts longer than two days
*The ill person is younger than three years
*Abdominal symptoms are combined with a fever
*The ill person has another health condition, which weakens their immune system (HIV, cancer)
*The ill person has nervous system symptoms such as slurred speech, muscle weakness, or double vision
*Sharp or cramping pains that won’t go away
*The ill person’s stomach or abdomen swells.
*The skin and/or eyes turn yellow.
*The ill person is vomiting blood or having bloody bowel movements.

Well, I am off to rest for the night. I am extremely tired and worn out. I’ll be back tomorrow with, hopefully, a more exciting post. Goodnight everyone!


3 thoughts on “Food Poisoning

  1. Thanks girls! I’m feeling much better today. It was not a fun experience though and I’m feeling the stress today, because I didn’t get anything done this weekend..

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