Vegas recap

Ok, I know I have been MIA the past few days, but Vegas did not leave me with much time to put up a post. It was such a fun trip! The reason for the trip was work related for Chris, but I am glad I was able to tag along. Thank you SIM Partners for showing us an amazing time in Las Vegas!!

Here’s a little recap of the past four days…

We arrived in Vegas around 3pm on Wednesday afternoon. This gave us about two hours to check in, freshen up, check out the Palms Hotel and casino (where we stayed) and meet up with the SIM Partners crew for drinks and dinner at Steakhouse 9. The time change definitely threw me off on the first day there. I was starving by dinner time since it was actually 9pm our time.

Day two was by far my favorite day in Vegas. After sleeping in and having a pretty relaxing morning we all went out to lunch at Mon Ami Gabi in Paris. This place was incredible. I would definitely recommend eating here. Out of the six of us, I don’t think there was a single person who didn’t like what they ordered. I ordered the lump crab cake and it was phenomenal. I love crab cakes, but am sometimes hesitant to order them if I don’t know how they are prepared. I have had many bad crab cakes that are deep fried or overly breaded. The one at Mon Ami Gabi is pretty much all crab meat! There wasn’t much filler and it was lightly pan seared so it tasted fresh and delicious.

After lunch we were off to explore the city. We took off and headed down the strip to check out the different hotels, casinos, and shops. I definitely recommend wearing a fairly comfortable pair of shoes as there is a lot of walking in Vegas. I headed out in heels at night and have the worst blisters on my feet now. Oh the things we girls will do for beauty šŸ˜‰ Vegas is such a cool city though and I love that each place is so well themed. Paris was made to look like you were walking outside on a cobble street through shops and restaurants!

lions in MGM

After a day of exploring we headed back to our hotel to change and freshen up for our second night on the town. First we had reservations at Nobu, a sushi restaurant, in the Hard Rock Hotel. Words cannot begin to describe to you how amazing this meal was. I don’t have any pictures of the food because I was too busy stuffing my face. It was unbelievable and hands down the best sushi ever. I’m drooling just thinking about how awesome this food was. As if dinner wasn’t enough, we then went on to the Wynn Hotel to hang out at Tryst. We were then ushered past the long line of people waiting to get in and escorted to a private table within the club. Bottle service anyone? Heck yea! See what I mean by this trip being unbelievable? Tryst was a really cool place and so much fun!

The following morning definitely required sleeping in. Friday was supposed to be the end of our trip, but we decided to stay an extra day with Chris’s boss and his wife to do a little more exploring of the area. With an unsuccessful attempt to Red Rocks we ended up driving out to Hoover Dam! I have never been to any of these places so I was so excited and it was definitely worth the drive (which is only about an hour).

There were two of these towers. One saying Nevada time and the other with Arizona time since the dam runs along the border of the two states.

By the time evening rolled around, we were all feeling pretty tired from all the activity on the trip. We decided to have a relaxing dinner at First and walk the strip one last time. We even sat outside and watched a water and light show at Wynn. On our last night there we changed hotels (cheaper) and stayed in the Riveria, which is in the old part of Vegas. There is definitely a contrasting difference between the new and old part of the strip, but I was glad to see and experience them both.

Gondola rides in the Venetian

water show at Bellagio

water and light show at Wynn

The trip was absolutely amazing. The weather was incredible the whole time and I was so lucky to experience Vegas in this way. I think I did Vegas right for my first time, what do you think? Thanks again SIM Partners! You guys are wonderful!

Have you guys ever been to Vegas? If so what was your favorite part?


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