Staying on track

Sometimes we get off track. Every couple of months I find that I have a week where I lose all motivation to eat right and exercise. I especially notice this happening as we move into the winter months. I begin craving comfort foods, begin exercising less and find myself curled up on the couch rather than moving and taking care of my body. Sometimes we fall into a slump, but it’s ok.

I used to let these weeks fuel negative thoughts, which only perpetuates less productivity, and more comfort food eating, which in turn fuels negative thoughts and the cycle continues. I used to let the guilt of not working out eat at me until I felt worthless and that digging myself out of the rut was impossible. I used to be controlled by this cycle of negativity.

Now I control my thoughts. I decide if I am going to be negative or not. Sometimes I get off track and I eat more than I should and I exercise less. But I have learned that it’s ok. I work hard and eat very healthy on most days. It’s ok if I have a day, or week, here and there where I slack off a little. Life is too short to get caught up on whether you ate a few cookies or not.

You have the power to control the way you think, just as you have the power to control the way you act, the way you eat, and the way you treat people. Don’t let the negative thoughts take hold of you. Negativity feeds off negativity and it is much stronger than a positive thought. So stop the negative thought in it’s tracks. When you begin to have one, think of something positive in your life and focus on that. With practice you soon will begin to have way more positive thoughts than negative and the negative will begin to disappear.

Now, I know this may seem easier than it is. If you have ever had a time in your life where you feel down and have lost motivation, it can feel almost impossible to pick yourself back up again. Don’t be discouraged. Keep thinking positive and things will get better.

Sometimes we get off track.
An unexpected detour veers us in a different direction.
With eyes on the end goal, the journey just may be the best part.

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