Do we all have a lizard brain?

The answer is yes we do. Only some of us are better at quieting it or ignoring it all together. Thanks to Chris for bringing this idea of a lizard brain to my attention and Seth Godin to bringing it to his. Seth Godin talks about how we all resist change, and this resistance is referred to as our lizard brain. The lizard brain holds us back from doing what we really desire or dream about doing. It’s why we bomb a job interview when we say we want a new career, it’s why we overeat when we say we want to be thin, and it’s why we continue with our day to day job even when it makes us miserable. We all naturally resist change even though we desire it. We may say we want something different in life, but yet we continue on where we are because it’s comfortable and the easier option. Change is scary and brings about uncertainty so our lizard brains keep us in our comfort zone and tells us to slow down and back off. The thing we must realize is that we must embrace change in order to grow and succeed. The only way to move ahead in our careers, follow our true passions, and achieve the goals we have set for ourselves is to quiet our lizard brains and jump into the unknown. This is much easier said than done, but will be so worth it if you can accomplish it.

Will you take a step forward today or will you let your lizard brain hold you back from realizing your true potential?


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