Oldie but Gooodie

Yesterday Chris woke up with a very upset stomach so I thought about the non-medical ways of treating it. I remembered this post from a while back and thought I would repost it for you all again. It’s an oldie, but a goodie and ginger can be quite healing. I recommend trying it the next time you are experiencing an upset stomach or one of the ailments listed below.

Okay, so maybe it’s going too far to call ginger a miracle food, but it has been used for centuries for its medicinal properties. Some known benefits of the ginger root are:
Decreasing nausea and digestive problems
Nausea caused by pregnancy, traveling, being hungover, or stomach cramps can be relieved with the use of ginger.
Increasing circulation
Ginger supports the cardiovascular system by making platelets less sticky so blood can flow more easily throughout the body reducing circulatory problems.
Relieving arthritis symptoms
Ginger has anti-inflammatory properties so it can be made into an oil to be used in massaging sore muscles and relieving the painful symptoms of arthritis.
Minimizing respiratory conditions, colds and allergies
Many decongestants have ginger in them, which help to reduce cold, flu and allergy symptoms.

Ginger can be found in most grocery stores in the produce section, in powder form, and in capsule form. I find it best to buy a whole ginger root and use it when you cook or in drinks. An easy way to make it last longer is to peel the bark from the root and store it in a Ziplock in the freezer. This makes it easy to grab and grate into many dishes, it’s already peeled and ready to go!

I use ginger fairly often because I love the flavor it adds to sauces and various foods, especially stirfrys. When combating an upset stomach I recommend drinking a ginger tea.

Ginger Tea:

1 inch piece of ginger with bark removed
1 teaspoon of honey
A squeeze of fresh lemon juice

Place the piece of ginger in a cup along with the honey and lemon juice. Pour boiling water over the ingredients to fill the cup. Let the ginger steep for a few minutes and enjoy the relaxing, healing properties.


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