Homemade Gnocchi

A night of delicious Italian cooking? Food that I don’t have to cook? Great company to share it with? Si, per favore!

Last night Chris’s sister invited us over to dinner. She has begun to take a great interest in cooking and is even taking a class in college! I have to say, she is doing an incredible job and I give her credit for undertaking the task of last night’s meal. We all love Italian food and gnocchi is a dish that I find delicious, but very intimidating. I have never wanted to try to make it from scratch, but last night Katie stepped up to the plate.

It was phenomenal. She already had the gnocchi assembled and ready to be cooked when I arrived, but she walked me through the steps of getting it to that point. Phew! Let’s just say you want to have a few hours to put into a meal if you are going to try this at home. However, it was definitely worth all the hard work she put into it. The gnocchi turned out perfect. Firm, but soft potato dumplings that left us with full stomachs, but craving more.

These pictures were taken with my phone (the only thing I had on hand) and are not of good quality and definitely do not do the meal justice. However, you get the idea.


You would think that with all the labor in the gnocchi, that Katie would have stopped there, but no. A homemade garlic-cheddar bread was also made and accompanied the gnocchi perfectly. A side salad rounded out the meal nicely, as well as, some wonderful Italian wine. I was a very happy eater 🙂 Grazie!

I’m sorry to say that I do not have the recipe to share with all of you, however, maybe I can bribe it out of her at a later date. Either way, I hope she doesn’t mind being on call when my craving for this meal hits, which most likely won’t be too long from now 😉


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