Happy New Year!

I hope everyone had fun ringing in the new year. Hello 2011!

With a warm front of 58F, New Year’s Eve was spent enjoying the beautiful weather. Chris and I decided to spend the day at the zoo!

I finally was able to see the polar bear exhibit!

There’s a tunnel you can walk under and see the bears swimming, however the bears weren’t interested in the water yesterday.

These sleeping brown bears were huge!

The various monkey exhibits have always been my favorite. They are usually the most active of the animals, and therefore, the most entertaining to observe. So much personality in these animals!

The baby gorilla was so adorable.

Ok, enough monkeying around (hehe 🙂 ).

After making Chris walk miles around the zoo with me, we headed to Market District to stock up for our evening. If you missed my write up on Market District, check it out here. Or find a store near you and go there. It’s incredible. Overwhelming, but incredible nonetheless. You could spend hours (and a lot of money) in this grocery store/cafe/kitchen supply store.

After loading up on goodies, we went home to begin our celebration of NYE.

With a few courses of fondue..

Loads of veggies to cook in broth for our main course. Delish!

Loads of dippables for the chocolate fondue 🙂

We chose chocolate and toffee for our dessert. It was beyond good.

A few of these….

And a little of this…

There was definitely more monkeying around 😉

Stay tuned as I talk about my list of resolutions for 2011 tomorrow..

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