Lacking Creativity

Hey everyone, sorry my posts have been lacking this week, but it has been one of those weeks. Between working on some new things (more info on that to come..) and having trouble getting my creative juices to flow, I have missed some blogging time. Even dinners have been lacking in creativity. I mostly have been cooking up quick, and unexciting, meals or craving takeout. However, I will say, I forced myself into the kitchen the other evening to save money on ordering out for food. I gave into my cravings and looked to past recipes for some inspiration. Luckily I had the ingredients necessary to create my Veggie Spring Rolls and my Ginger and Zucchini Pasta. The spring rolls may not be the side dish you think of with a tomato-based pasta, but it worked beautifully. Also a great, fun way to eat your veggies!

Veggie Spring Rolls with Ginger and Zucchini Pasta

Veggie Spring Rolls made up of broccoli, red pepper, carrot and zucchini with a Mango Chutney dipping sauce

I have to admit, the drag from Winter is really affecting me, but I have been keeping myself busy as a cheerleading coach for Hilliard Weaver Middle School. My “cheerios” have been preparing for their competition this weekend so there has been a lot of work being done (I think that’s where all my creativity has been going). Tonight they have a pre-performance to get themselves amped up and ready to compete on Sunday. Keeping my fingers crossed that everything goes well. I think I’m as nervous (or more) as they are! Go Cats!


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