Lessons of a Cheer Coach

Growing up as a girl is definitely not easy and, as a cheerleading coach for 7th and 8th graders, I am frequently reminded of that. Guys who are reading this, sorry, you don’t even know the half of it. You had it pretty easy. Guys argue, or may get in a fight with one another, but that’s usually the end of it. Girls…well….girls are viscous, and with the plethora of reality shows on TV, this has become pretty obvious (and doesn’t stop at Middle School unfortunately). However, I definitely feel for these middle schoolers and wish there was a way to help make things easier for them. As I watch these girls at practices, I see them maturing from kids to young adults. Each with their unique personality, style, and character, and fighting the urge to conform to different cliques or labels. If only I could keep them in a bubble and protect them from the scrutiny, judgement, rumors and remarks they are faced with on a daily basis. If only it were that easy.

We may not be able to put a protective bubble around them, but my friend and I do our best at being good coaches, role models, and try to throw out a few life lessons here and there. Mainly I want these girls to stay true to who they are, enjoy life, and to stay away from drama, especially being the cause of it. I think that’s advice that women of all ages, not just teenagers, can use.

I may have started out the season with a goal of teaching 16 girls and impacting their lives, but in the end they have impacted mine as well. After all, we really aren’t that different and no matter what age we are, we are all struggling with trying to find a place to fit in in the world, right?

Stay true to who you are, love life, and try not to sweat the small stuff 🙂

7th grade cheerleading squad

8th grade cheerleading squad


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