Following the birds

It’s vacation day! Chris, his parents, and I are following the birds and heading south for a few days. The trip completely sneaked up on me though. Yesterday, the place we are boarding Cooper called to confirm we would be dropping him off this morning. I almost called them back and told them they had the wrong date! It was a pleasant surprise to have sneaked up on me though. Getting away to a warmer climate is just what I need right now. However, I probably won’t want to come back until Spring. If you don’t hear from me, I’m sitting under a palm tree somewhere.

This morning has been a blur so far. Up for a quick run on the treadmill, shower, pack up Cooper and drop him off at The City Dog, home to eat breakfast, write this post, and finish packing. I kind of like it though. The morning before leaving for vacation is always a marathon of events, organizing and trying to go through the list in my head to make sure everything has been done and is packed. But soon enough I will be on a plane, snacking on my already packed Luna Bars (a must when I travel…or any day really) and beginning four days of relaxation.

I was going to snap a picture of my breakfast for you, but it wasn’t the prettiest of breakfasts. However, it was delicious. Before going on a trip I try to make sure I start my day with a healthy breakfast. Between being in airports and traveling, my eating patterns are easily thrown off so I make sure to get in a good meal before hitting the road. This morning’s power breakfast consisted of a mixture of a chopped apple, oats, almond butter and cinnamon. All mashed and mixed up, grilled and topped with maple syrup. I was trying to do a take on Ashley’s banana scrambles, which I love, however it didn’t hold together well. I think if I would have used applesauce or processed my apples first it would have worked better, but I liked the chunks of grilled apple and oat clusters that came out of it. Great start to the day ๐Ÿ™‚

So can you guess where I’m going? I’ll give you a few hints:

*It has warmer temperatures
*It is a childhood favorite spot
*I may get to see some interesting characters

Any guesses?

Off to pack and hop on a plane! Have a great weekend everyone!


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