Healthy Super Bowl Eats

These past few days have been a little crazy. If you are part of the country that got hit with the winter storm, then you know what I’m talking about. Here in Columbus we didn’t get any snow accumulation, however, we did get hit with a lot of freezing rain. Everything has been completely covered with a sheet of ice, which doesn’t make for a fun driving experience, or even walking experience. I pretty much had to ice skate out to my car! On top of all the ice, we faced very strong winds and most of the city lost power. Luckily Chris’s parents still were blessed with heat and electricity so we packed up the dog and an overnight bag, chiseled the ice off of our car, and headed to their house.

Thankfully our power was back on when I returned home yesterday and with the sun out today, hopefully the ice will begin to dissipate. Now, with the winter storm behind us it’s time to focus on other matters. The Super Bowl is this Sunday! With one of the most-watched TV days of the year, also comes a lot of parties and junk food. We basically treat Super Bowl Sunday like a holiday. So, if you are still trying to stick with your new year’s resolution of eating healthier, this Sunday could bring about a little anxiety. Wings, chips, dips, pizza, and other unhealthy items are usually on the menu at a lot gatherings. However, who says watching football and snacking can’t be healthy? This year, try out a few of these dishes to keep your guests full and satisfied. They probably won’t even miss all the grease and Monday morning will be a lot easier without being up all night from indigestion.

Healthy Eats for Super Bowl Sunday

Vegan Chili
Veggie Burgers (I’ve had so many meat eaters love these! You could even make sliders!)
Homemade Pizza
Veggie Spring Rolls
Cold Veggie Pizza
Hummus with veggies or baked tortilla chips/pita chips
Cheesy, Guacamole, Bean dip
Sweet potato fries
Fruit Salsa
Spiced Nuts

What are your favorite game-time snacks? Any other great healthy items you love? Leave a comment to add to the list πŸ™‚

5 thoughts on “Healthy Super Bowl Eats

  1. I was missing my daily trehops this week, glad you made it through the crazy storms. I cant wait to cook for everyone this Sunday but I have to disagree with Regina, Go Pack!

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