A little taste of sunshine and Mexican

Today has been beautiful 🙂 It has gotten up to around 50F degrees and the sun has been shining all day long! I knew I couldn’t let this day pass me up so I headed out of the house to take Cooper for a walk. I absolutely love the first sign that spring is near. People are out and about more, they are more cheerful, and I definitely felt my mood perk up. Ahh…just a little while longer and this type of weather will be here to stay (minus the mud and slush from melting snow and ice).

Aside from the sunny weather, we also enjoyed a Sunday morning of sleeping in late and getting out to try a new place for lunch. Ok, new to us anyway. Chris and I chose Mad Mex, which offers a ton of vegetarian and vegan options. Whether you are in the mood for burritos, tacos, enchiladas, quesadillas, or fajitas, you can get any of them veganized by choosing tofu, portabello mushrooms and a variety of veggies. I saw something slightly different than your ordinary Mexican meal and decided to go with it. They have a Thai curry burrito on the menu that was delicious. The tofu was cooked perfectly, the pineapples added a nice sweetness, and the curry sauce gave it quite the kick. Don’t worry, to cool your mouth down they even offer vegan sour cream! It was incredible and filling…..very, very filling. I would recommend going hungry to to Mad Mex and maybe even wearing stretchy pants. The burritos are the size of your head!

I wasn’t up to the challenge and ended up bringing half of it home. Not a bad little Sunday though 🙂

Valentine’s day dinner tomorrow night and Chris is cooking. Stay tuned for my review 😉


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