Would you drink breast milk?

What are your thoughts on drinking breast milk? What about eating it in the form of ice cream?

Recently, an ice cream parlor in London is under investigation for selling a new product called “Baby Gaga”. It’s ice cream made from donated breast milk. The big concern, and the reasoning for halting the production and sale of this product, is fear that it could pose as a hazard to consumers. Viruses, such as hepatitis can be transferred through bodily fluids. According to the owners of the ice cream parlor, they tested and screened all milk, as you would a blood donor, prior to processing it into ice cream. It was then churned, along with vanilla and lemon zest, and sold at a whopping price of $22.50 (14 pounds) a serving. The price didn’t stop many intrigued individuals, as it sold out quite quickly on the day it opened.

Let’s stop and think about this for a minute. I will admit that I am a little repulsed by the idea of eating breast milk ice cream, however, should we be? It has been ingrained in our minds that drinking or consuming breast milk in any way as an adult is unnatural. But, wait, didn’t we start out in the world with breast milk being our sole food source? My question is, when did it become more natural to drink the milk of an animal versus a human? We grow up being told we are supposed to drink three glasses of milk a day from a cow?? Why isn’t anyone repulsed by this? Not only would breast milk be the more natural source of milk, but if it is processed and screened, I don’t see that being any different than the process of pasteurizing cow’s milk. Isn’t anyone concerned with drinking the milk from an animal that lives in a filthy, feces-laden environment, stuffed with hormones, and probably carrying a load of its own bacteria and viruses?

I’m not asking you to jump on the breast milk consumption bandwagon. I’m just here to spur further thinking about the food we actually consume today. Awareness is key and I think it’s important to know how the food you eat ended up on your plate, or in this case, in your glass.

What are your thoughts on this issue?


3 thoughts on “Would you drink breast milk?

  1. This makes me want to question all the foods that we think are “normal”. Would you eat human remains if they died of natural causes (and you weren’t vegan)?

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