Friday Snack Time

Need a snack to help you through the Friday afternoon? Check out these apple and almond butter samiches πŸ™‚

Yum! I peeled my apple because that’s how I roll, but feel free to leave the skin on. Just slice your apple, spread on the almond butter, sprinkle with cinnamon and top with another slice. Easy peasy. You could also jazz these up even more by drizzling honey in the samich or sprinkling a little granola in there. This snack will keep you powering through until happy hour πŸ˜€

And if you have pizza plans for the weekend, why not make it yourself? Homemade pizza nights are so much fun and with the help of a premade dough it won’t take any longer than ordering and waiting for the delivery guy. You can check out one of my pizza recipes here and below you will find my latest creation. The leftovers have been making wonderful lunches and snacks!

Vegan pizza minus a slice that I had already shoved into my face before taking a picture

Close up of the pesto slice

I couldn’t decide how to dress my pizza so I ended up creating 1/2 with pizza sauce, zucchini, portabellas, pineapple, and Daiya mozzarella, while the other 1/2 consisted of vegan pesto, zucchini, portabellas, and Daiya mozzarella. Simple and delicious!

Happy Friday everyone πŸ˜€


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