Finding Motivation for Exercise

I always wonder what motivates people to exercise. Is it vanity? Is it for health reasons? Is it to lose weight, feel good, or improve their mood? Everyone has a different motivating factor. What’s yours?

For me, it literally changes weekly, or sometimes daily. And, well, sometimes nothing in the world motivates me to get my butt up and moving. We all have those days.

Right now, it’s the nice weather we have been having. When Spring arrives and we get that first taste of sunshine and a warm breeze, I feel bad if I don’t get out to enjoy it a little. So, Cooper gets walked more, we play around in the back yard, and I go out for runs to get away from the treadmill. If you live in a climate like Ohio, don’t let those nice days go to waste!

Some days, I feel ya. I just can’t get myself in the mood to even go out for a walk, let alone do an intense workout. These are the days, however, that I find workouts to be the most beneficial. When you are sitting there feeling down, lacking energy, and feeling like any sort of physical activity is impossible…..get up and get moving. The hardest part about working out is getting started. I promise you, you’re mood will be lifted and you will feel much better. Besides, what’s 30 or 60 minutes? You can go back to laying on the couch after that 😉

Working out = Endorphins = Good Mood 😀

Another motivator I turn to is visualization. I think of a friend, or someone I feel inspired by, who works out, eats healthy, and enjoys life, and I try to hone in their energy. If they can do it, you can do it too.

Motivation finds us in so many ways. Just sometimes we have to dig deep to find it. How do you motivate yourself to workout?


One thought on “Finding Motivation for Exercise

  1. I have to be in a mood. Sometimes it’s insanely difficult to get off my duff, I have to literally have an internal conversation with myself about it. I always feel good after doing it, so that’s a motivation as well.

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