The Monday Drag

Monday already?

This weekend was filled with fun and relaxation (as most weekends should be). Saturday, I was able to get my long run in and completed 7 miles! It felt so good….once I was done πŸ˜‰ However, after the endorphins wear off, I’m usually dead for the rest of the day. So Saturday afternoon and evening looked a lot like this..

Not much else got accomplished, but it felt good to lay around and watch movies for the day πŸ™‚ Sunday was filled with time with friends and family, so naturally it went by way to quickly. Now let’s talk about the title of this post. Anyone feeling a case of the Mondays?

It looms over the weekend and threatens its arrival.
It dares you not to be tired and lack productivity.
It requires 4 snoozes of the alarm…and coffee.
It’s name is Monday and it will forever be the most disliked day of the week.

So, in order to not let it cause a completely wasted day as you walk around as a zombie and put yourself on auto-pilot, we must combat it. Normally a trip to the coffee shop, a good workout, and a little chocolate is all I need to get me through a Monday, however, sometimes it requires a little more effort.

First, and most importantly, I highly recommend you do something active every Monday. It may be hard to get yourself motivated, but force yourself. It will set the tone for the week ahead and will help your outlook. Whether it’s taking a walk, going to the gym, or putting in an exercise DVD, do something. Your mood will instantly be lifted and you will feel more focused throughout your day. Try it and see!

What do you do to get yourself through a case of the Mondays?


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