Running Update

Whew! We made it through Monday. Smooth sailing now 🙂

I haven’t written much about my running since I have started training for the half marathon in May, so I thought today would be a great day for that! This time of year is hard for me. I ran indoors on the treadmill all Winter and now have been transitioning to running outside. This is rough. After acclimating to the treadmill, running on pavement, against wind, and on varying elevations, seems so hard. My mileage always drops back and I get a little frustrated. However, after many running seasons, I have come to learn that it’s just the transition period and I usually can get my mileage back up if I ease myself into outdoor running and keep with it. The key to transitioning from indoor running to outdoor is to gradually ease yourself into it. Start with shorter runs and build week by week. If you have been running solely on a treadmill and then try to head outside for a long run, you may put yourself at risk for injury. So keep this in mind with your own running or training schedules.

Aside from trying to up my mileage outdoors, I have also encountered another issue. Yesterday I mentioned how I ran 7 miles on my long run this past weekend. I should also mention that it was done on the treadmill. It is still very cold here and I just didn’t feel like running outside so I opted for my old friend and returned to the treadmill to complete my long run. After the 5 mile mark, my knee began to give me some trouble. It was subtle at first, so I pushed on. By 6 miles it was worse, and by the time I reached my 7 mile goal, I was hurting. Thankfully the run was over and I could take time to really stretch out my legs. I have felt this slight discomfort in the past on a few runs, but nothing like the feeling I had on Saturday. Saturday night I had trouble sleeping because it was bothering me and Sunday it was still pretty achy me. I haven’t done much other than walk and stretch the past few days because I don’t want to risk injuring myself for good.

With that being said. I am going to take it easy this week and try to let my right knee rest. However, I will continue on (with caution) with my half marathon training. I feel I’m pretty in tune with my body and I know when I may be pushing it too hard, so the best thing is to give it some rest for a few days. I do want to say that my New Year’s Resolution of completing my first full marathon may need to be rethought. As much as I would like to accomplish a full marathon, I don’t want to push myself into injury. I want to keep my body healthy and able to be active for the rest of my life, so I’ve decided to just play things by ear. I will see how the rest of the training and the half marathon plays out and determine if I should continue on to train for the full. I’m a little bummed that I may not complete that 2011 goal I had set, but listening to our bodies is key to staying healthy.

Keep your fingers crossed for the rest of my training to go smoothly. Have you ever encountered a running or exercise-related injury? Do you listen to your body and let it tell you when it needs rest? I’d like to hear your thoughts on if you have faced knees problems while running.

2 thoughts on “Running Update

  1. Yes, it seems I always feel it in my knees just when I am getting to the height of my training. I usually try to rest for a few days after the injury then slowly get back into the running.

    I suggest swimming or running in the pool, it will build the strength and is an impossibly hard workout.

  2. my knees don’t like it when i run on treadmills (especially the right one). i tend to push through, but when the pain becomes what my body renders debilitating, i walk it off and let rest (from running) a couple of days, while continuing to build strength with weight training. a friend of mine has injured her knee to the point she is uncomfortable running on it, so has given herself time off running, but in the meantime has been swimming and biking. hope your knee feels better soon and kudos to you for listening to your body!

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