Sammie Time and other Novelties

Happy Sunday! It’s supposed to be a warm, almost summer-like, day today. I’m excited to get the pup out and spend some quality time in the park. How are you enjoying this lovely day?

I wanted to show you a few things I’ve been enjoying lately. A few samiches, a new soup, and a couple of other goodies that are new. Well, new to me 😉

Open face…
This open-faced sammie came about due to wanting something quick, yummy, and satisfying. It was comprised of toasted whole grain bread, a veggie burger, sauteed spinach, marinara, and Daiya mozzarella. So good! I chose a store bought veggie burger that I had on hand, but these would be great with a homemade version.

‘Bella sammie…
Big, meaty, portabellas make for a great sandwich, whether you are vegan or not. I baked these in the oven with sundried tomatoes, and melted Daiya. Obviously you can tell I’m loving the cheese lately 🙂 Delicious lunch or dinner served with a side salad, green bean fries, or sweet potato fries!

The next item is something I’ve never been interested in trying, but for some reason it called out to me at the store. Split pea soup! A vegan version, however. Typically, split pea soups are made with ham, but I came across a vegan version at Trader Joe’s. Peas have a great amount of protein and are so healthy for you. I hated peas as a kid, but now I love putting them in different pasta dishes, rice, or salads. I figured I would give the soup a try and found out that I loved it! It looks pretty unappealing, but it was delicious and would be great alongside one of the sammies above.

Since becoming vegan, I haven’t eaten yogurt at all. This wasn’t a huge deal because I wasn’t a consistent yogurt eater before. Again, in the store the other day, I spotted a coconut milk yogurt and just had to try it. I love the So Delicious ice creams so I figured I would also like the yogurt. O.M.G. This yogurt is incredible. I’m so bummed I only bought one. It’s creamy and flavorful with a hint of coconut. I think I will now be incorporating yogurt into my diet again!

And lastly, multigrain pop cakes…
Has anyone tried these? When I went to the new Market District store I saw a guy making these, but had no idea what they were. The other day I saw them in the store and decided to give them a try (I guess I was feeling adventurous on my last grocery shopping trip). They are multigrain pop cakes, which are made from wheat flour, rice flour, and corn flour. There aren’t many nutrients in them, but if you are looking for a very light snack, they only contain 16 calories per pop cake. They taste pretty bland, almost like a rice cake, but I found they are very good topped with jelly, nut butter, honey, or other spreads.

Well, I’m off to enjoy the nice weather. Have a great day and I’ll see you tomorrow 😀


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